As the words start slipping my mind,
And the voices in my head start fading,
I won’t let the words bind
My thoughts that keep on breaking.

The limits are meant to be broken,
And the thoughts are meant to be free,
And the words are meant to express
The feelings, that you can’t.

Blurred Memories

She’s got something on her mind
You can see it in her eyes.
Always trying to find,
Ties between the thoughts
Of the reminiscent kind.

Staring at the moon at night,
Trying to remember the stars she saw the other night
And it’s getting late
But the spilled memories are still fading away.
Cuz she ain’t got a one track mind,
Like everybody else….does.

Unknown Thoughts

Gave my two cents on a matter,
Now I’ve got a broken leg
And it doesn’t even matter
Cuz I’m worried about the latter.

Been having midnight dreams,
In the middle of the day.
And I’ve been trying too hard
But just can’t seem to get it straight.

Got a toothpaste stain on my shirt,
With a perfect tie and slicked back hair
With a cigarette in my mouth
And smokey thoughts.

Trying to fix myself
But keep drowning out
With the liquor in the shelf
Screaming out
“Life is unfair,
Learn to live it out.”

Ghost Rider

Riding on the pillion

With the devil and his pride

Through the desolate town

and the monsters all around


Signed a contract

With a demon

For a good ol’ night

In this hell of a paradise


Screams and Shrieks through bars of steel

Bars filled with ol’ liquor and outgrown weed


On a hunt for souls

With the best rider in town

On the wheels of fire

With a blazing gun


I guess now’s the time to say goodbye

While I ride into the Ghost Rider’s Town!!!